World Leading Production

The best quality raw materials accompanied by the latest manufacturing techniques identify Jackson's UK as an innovative luxury brand in the dog food world. Our brand embraces traditional values while harnessing the most up to date veterinary and nutritional research available to our Team. In short, our collection of dog food offers the best of both worlds. Our dried dog food contains fresh ingredients which are meticulously sourced and exclusively blended in the most technologically advanced manufacturing facility anywhere in Europe! 

Jackson's UK Duck

At Jackson's UK, we are also passionate about the environment and sustainability. Wherever possible, we seek to use recyclable and sustainable materials. Our manufacturing site even boasts an environmental management facility, so that all air and water can be cleaned and recycled there and then. Furthermore, our facility also takes care of the packaging, separating paper, cardboard and plastic to help reduce landfill sites.

Super Premium

We only use super-premium, highly digestible carbohydrates, such as potato and sweet potato, which provide an essential part of your pets' diet. Contrary to popular belief, dogs do not require the same levels of protein as we may think. Excessive protein can lead to obesity and protein that is not used by the dog must be expelled. Therefore, our focus at Jackson's UK is on producing a tasty broad and balanced diet which reflects the biological needs of your dog.

All our protein sources are human-grade at source and fully traceable. Our  recipes contain exceptional levels of freshly prepared meat and fish, delivering  the luxury your dog deserves at dinner time. All our recipes offer GRAIN FREE dog food for those with sensitive digestive systems and intolerances.

Our unparalleled manufacturing machinery means that we can produce recipes which are up to 100% fresh and whole with minimal processing. Our dog food contains NO BY-PRODUCTS, just protein-rich premium pet cuisine, which your dog will love. Our low (82º) cooking temperatures not only ensure higher nutritional value and digestibility but also mean that Jackson's UK canine feeds maintain a fuller flavour. 
We do not use any harmful additives or preservatives, preferring instead to use natural rosemary extract to preserve our delicious kibbles.

Feeding Jackson's UK is the delicious dog food option that your dog would choose if they could!

Our Production

  • We rigorously test at every stage of the process, from raw materials to packaged feed, ensuring consistency and optimum nutritional value. The Jackson's UK team monitor the size, shape, density, moisture and temperature of each batch throughout the process.
  • World-leading technologies scan every Jackson's UK recipe and inspect it against the highest quality standards, ensuring that both the quality and kibble construction is nothing short of exceptional.
  • All of our freshly prepared free run & grass-fed protein sources are slowly cooked at 82°C to maintain the nutritional integrity of the meat and ensure that our food offers optimal bio-availability. Traditionally, such meat sources and oils would be rendered at circa 300°C, thereby depleting the nutritional value of the protein.
  • Alongside our in-house Team, Jackson's UK works with external expert nutritionists and veterinarians in developing new recipes. Each blend is independently scrutinised and approved, ensuring it is perfectly balanced, of the highest quality and appropriate to maintaining your pet's well-being.
  • All our products are manufactured and packaged in the UK.
  • Our manufacturing facility belongs to the PFMA (Pet food Manufacturing Association).
  • Jackson's UK are also proud members of the PIF (Pet Industry Federation). 


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