Why Jackson's UK?

With so many dried dog food brands on the market we know it's hard to decide which one to feed your dog, but Jackson's UK offers a fresh alternative. Our nutritionally balanced complete dog food is 'protein appropriate' and therefore biologically suitable for your dog's needs. This unique perspective ensures that your dog has all the nutrients they need regardless of age or size. As a busy fur parent, all you need to do is choose from our delicious collection of artisan recipes formulated for your dog based on his or her life stage and breed size. Whether you own a playful puppy or senior dog, large or small, our collection of gently baked dog food has all the fresh, delicious taste of wet dog food in a convenient easy to feed complete kibble.

We believe that dog food should be as nature intended. However, modern living doesn't always allow for a fresh meat diet or lengthy meal preparation. Feeding dried dog food can also be challenging with fussier dogs. Our dog food range offers the very best of both worlds; deliciously succulent and packed with wholesome goodness.

Great Dane and Chihuahua 

Jackson's UK brings together traditional values, the best quality raw materials and revolutionary manufacturing techniques to deliver a freshly prepared, mouth-watering meal every time. Our recipes are formulated with qualified, expert nutritionists and approved by vets to ensure that Jackson's UK has all the benefits of fresh meat and fish but without the all of the nasty additives and preservatives. Our specially selected artisan recipes are all grain-free and contain a delicious blend of vegetables, herbs and botanicals, carefully combined to meet the nutritional needs of your dogs and compliment their natural digestive system.
That's less time worrying about the ingredients and more time to have fun with your dog, knowing that your dog's diet is in safe, experienced and capable hands.

The best quality traditional raw ingredients accompanied by the newest manufacturing techniques mark Jackson's UK out as an innovative luxury dog brand

    Our Raw Materials

    • We only use super-premium, highly digestible carbohydrates, such as potato and sweet potato, which provide an essential part of your pet's diet. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not strictly carnivorous. While they do require higher levels of protein, they also benefit from carefully chosen complex carbohydrates. Therefore, our focus is on producing a broad and balanced diet that reflects the biological needs of your dogs.
    • Our fresh farm protein sources are not only human-grade at source but fully traceable. Our preferred choice of premium ingredients will always be from trusted local farmers and family-run farms, where animal welfare is of paramount importance.
    • Our recipes include exceptional levels of freshly prepared meat, offering your dog the luxury they deserve at dinner time.
    • All recipes are GRAIN FREE: NO Wheat, Corn, Barley, Oats, Rye, Rice or Soy is present in any of our recipes.
    • Our unparalleled manufacturing machinery means that we can produce recipes that are up to 100% fresh and whole with minimal processing and contain NO BY-PRODUCTS! Just tasty, protein-rich premium pet cuisine.
    • Our low cooking temperatures not only ensure higher nutritional value and digestibility but also mean that Jackson's UK's canine feeds maintain a fuller flavour. According to Koppel et al. (2014), "freshly prepared meat has shown to reduce any bitter taste in extruded pet food…and…Fresh ingredients are naturally more palatable and attractive to the pet".
    • We do not use any harmful additives or preservatives, preferring instead to use natural rosemary extract to preserve our delicious kibbles.
    • Jackson’s UK manufacturing facility have gained accreditation with the Marine Stewardship Council ‎(MSC) offering 'complete' Freshly Prepared MSC highly ethical Fish recipes for the discerning market. MSC is an internationally recognised body which offers a standard to track and trace fish which are sustainably sourced, 'throughout the food chain'.

    • Human Grade Quality oils and fats: Low temperature , minimally processed, human grade quality oils are pressed in small batches using dedicated equipment. This allows our kibbles to be coated with amazingly high-quality fats and oils normally reserved for human foods, giving them the full traceability back to the source, from farm, fishery or boat! This process not only assures the finest oils are used in the production process, but they also make Jackson's UK recipes even more palatable! Our oils are so fresh, laboratory tests show little to no sign of oxidisation.

      The question to ask is not 'Why Feed Jackson's UK?', but if you aren't already, 'Why AREN'T You Feeding Jackson's UK!'