Protein Appropriate Dog Food

Just as humans come in many shapes and sizes, so do our dogs.

In our opinion, this is a primary factor to consider when looking for the best food for your dog. We appreciate that in the wild dogs hunt and we also know that dogs need quality protein for building muscle, rejuvenating skin cells and for hair growth. Protein is also essential for the immune system and regulating hormones. 

Protein rich food

However, our domesticated dogs are not wild and don't usually hunt for their food, so how do you know what you are feeding them has everything they need? 

This question can overwhelm even the most experienced dog owners. At Jackson's UK we've made navigating these issues a good deal easier:  

We only produce Protein Appropriate Feed according to dog size. 


Could you ever imagine a Yorkshire Terrier, a Pomeranian, a Pug or any other small breed successfully hunting a cow or a deer? Probably not (though perhaps not for want of trying!) So, why would you choose to feed them beef or venison?

We believe that dogs are designed to eat and digest proteins suitable for their size, so our range only includes biologically suitable protein models that your dog would and could naturally and successfully pursue. We believe that this ensures our protein sources are the most appropriate for your dog, their digestion and their ability to use that protein effectively. 

Our small and medium-size breed ranges include chicken, duck and fish, while our large breed dog food range consists of both small and large protein options, including beef.

Accompanying our freshly prepared protein we have included a range of complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to create a perfectly balanced, grain-free premium dog food which is fit for the fussiest of our furry friends. 

Jackson's UK complete dog food takes the guesswork out of feeding a tasty, balanced, protein-rich diet by delivering different protein percentages suitable for the size and life stage of your dog, from playful puppy through to your old faithful veteran; from tiny Chihuahua to Tibetan Mastiff.

Jackson's UK takes traditional values and presents an evolution in dog food for modern living. Crispy vegetables, health-boosting herbs, fruits, botanicals and succulent free-run meat are carefully blended to create wholesome dried food made with cutting edge technology to keep that freshness locked in. All the convenience of dried dog food with the mouth-watering appeal of wet dog food.