Welcome to our breeders page. You may be reading this page because you are planning on breeding your beloved pet and would like to know the nutritional value which Jackson's UK can offer your dog, or perhaps you are a registered breeder interested in feeding premium dog food to your dogs.

Breeding for the first time can sometimes feel like a daunting experience, with the added worry of ensuring that your bitch or dog is in prime condition. At Jackson's UK, our collection is formulated to offer excellent nutrition at every stage of your dog's life, from puppy nutrition through to an all-encompassing adult diet. If you have any questions regarding your puppy or dog's dietary needs and cannot find the information you are looking for on our site, please do feel free to contact our dedicated Team.


Retriever family


Our valued customers include experienced professional breeders who choose to feed their stud dogs and breeding bitches Jackson's UK. Because Jackson's UK is specially formulated to offer all the nutrients that a breeding bitch needs before, during and after pregnancy and at the nursing stage, our customers choose to feed Jackson's continuously to their dogs. 

As part of a supporting role to professional breeders, we also offer several benefits to our associated breeders, including 'puppy welcome home packs' for new owners and a dedicated member of the Jackson's UK Team allocated to their customer account. To find out more about our 'Breeders Benefits', please reach out to us via the contact form below.

Jackson's UK Statement 

As an ethical brand passionate about animal welfare, we choose to align Jackson's UK with like-minded and responsible breeders only. Each application received is carefully vetted by our Team before being welcomed onto our plan. As a business which advocates responsible breeding, we are also proud to support numerous UK based animal charities in the struggle against puppy farming, unscrupulous breeding and animal cruelty and abandonment.