Our Story

What do you do when you have a 4lb Yorkie, two Doberman Pinschers, a Dalmatian and a Great Dane and you can't find the perfect range of dog food?

This was the question that Jackie Smith found herself asking at every doggie mealtime. After extensive research into British dog food, Jackie set out on a journey to create a range of luxury ethical dog food and dog treats. This food had to be steeped in tradition, proudly made in the UK and encompass her values and a vision 'for something better'.

And this is the chap that started it all...

As a lifelong dog lover and owner, Jackie is passionate about feeding her dogs the very best. Looking beyond the small print, she simply couldn't find a natural dried dog food kibble that ticked all the boxes. She wanted a dog food which combined the finest blend of freshly prepared meats, vegetables, fruits, herbs and botanicals with all the freshness of a wet dog food locked in. Jackie also wanted human-grade, grain-free, free run and grass-fed meat as well as sustainably sourced salmon and haddock. 

And then there was the packaging and eco-manufacturing side of the business; Jackie also wanted to incorporate recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible, so an environmentally conscious manufacturing site was a must. 

Months turned into years, and Jackie's quest to realise the best dried dog food continued. This was a journey which saw her travel the length and breadth of the UK, spending hundreds of hours with nutritional experts, development teams, vets, dog owners, dog breeders, and animal welfare officers. Recipes were selected, created, rejected, tweaked, changed and of course tried and tested on dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds; including her own!

In 2020, Jackie's vision finally became a reality and Jackson's UK was born. Our freshly prepared recipes are amongst the highest protein percentages on the market, combining delicious choice ingredients and cutting edge technology to deliver exceptional dog food and dog treats to your best friend.

You won't find our products wrapped in brightly coloured expensive packaging or see us investing thousands of pounds on consumer psychology. You'll find our investment is within the finest quality ingredients and presented in our modest brown paper and slate bags. 

We understand that dogs are so much more than 'just a pet'; they are our family members, our sounding boards, our confidants, our work companions, in fact, our everything.

Jackson's UK is a luxury brand where our Founder makes every decision; from recipes and packaging, through to our retail partners and everything else in-between.

Our brand. Our dogs. Our Everything.

Jackson's UK Team & Woofs x