What is the Best Premium Dog Food?

Great Dane and Chihuahua

Many dog owners will question which is the best premium dog food for their dogs.

The simple answer is always the one that best suits your dog! However, there are some key facts you should consider in your search, we share our top tasty tips for choosing the best food for your dog. A premium, natural dog food should always consider the size and life stage of your dog. Like us, your dog's needs change according to environmental factors as well as exercise levels and age. Some dogs are also affected by seasonal changes. Protein Is The Buzz Word! Protein is a word you'll spot on the ingredients label on premium dog food brands. Protein sources should be a combination of freshly prepared and dry.

The Jackson's UK Dog Food Range contains some of the highest freshly prepared protein percentages on the market. Quality dry meat is not the same as 'Animal Derivatives' or 'Meal'. Animal Derivatives and meal are usually of poor quality. In fact, by removing the moisture carefully (as our manufacturing process does) you are left with densely nutritious protein without the bulk of the water. The benefits Wholesome, highly nutritious protein in a dry form, just as we might eat, say, Biltong for example.

Protein Appropriate Feed is just common sense. At Jackson's UK, we believe that if your dog couldn't hunt it, then they shouldn't be fed it. We should feed as nature intended, so why would you provide a protein source to your small breed dog which equates to being 100 times bigger than them? Protein must be biologically suitable, and all Jackson's UK's recipes are created with this ethos.

Human Grade is a phrase widely used in premium pet food. What does the term actually mean? Human Grade refers to the derivation of meat, i.e. It is farmed and derived from the same sources that we eat; premium, quality protein. The protein sources you give your dog may well state 'Human Grade'. However, do you consider how the chickens, ducks, cows or other meat sources in your dog food have lived: have they been free from hunger? Have they been able to exhibit normal behaviours? Free run? Grass-Fed? At Jackson's UK, the health and wellbeing of our sources are just as important to us as the dogs they feed. Poor quality farm animal care = poor quality protein.

A perfect example is that many of us now refuse to buy or eat eggs from battery or caged hens. We know how traumatic and unhealthy it is for the birds to be caged all the time. The chickens still produce eggs, and those eggs are still classified as 'Human Grade', yet they have been extracted from birds living in unnatural, unhealthy conditions. 

Keep this in mind when considering the protein sources in your dog food...

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