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  • Puppy Nutrition: 7 Essential Tips For Feeding Your New Puppy

    A puppy is a beautiful and exciting addition to your life and that of your family. Caring for a new puppy can be daunting, particularly if this is your first time. As a new pet parent, you will need to consider everything from veterinary care to toilet training and diet. At Jackson's, we're the experts in puppy nutrition. Here are our top tips for feeding your new puppy.  
  • What is the Best Premium Dog Food?

    Many dog owners will question which is the best premium dog food for their dogs.
    The simple answer is always the one that best suits your dog! However, there are some key facts you should consider in your search, we share our top tasty tips for
    choosing the best food for your dog. A premium, natural dog food should always consider the size and life stage of your dog. Like us, your dog's needs change according to environmental factors as well as exercise levels and age. Some dogs are also affected by seasonal changes.